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industrial design and engineering from Amsterdam

Maurits Homan industrial design engineering is an independent studio for product design and product engineering. The company is young and fresh, the people behind the company are seasoned. We have an extensive track record consisting of successfully launched products in the areas of mobility, juvenile products, sports, medical products, industrial products and consumer products.

A strong technical background, a pragmatic approach, creative design and a can-do mentality are the tools we use to make sure your products are a success!

products that sell
Our goal is to bring good ideas to products that sell. Aesthetically pleasing products that people actually buy and use. We don’t design products that can be seen in the museum only.

simple solutions
Our strength is our ability to refashion a complex design problem into a simple solution. This solution can be abstract (concept development, market analysis, price point), practical (mechanical, aesthetics, electronics) or hands-on (prototyping, production support). We design products so that they can be manufactured without rocket science, for an affordable price. Without surprises at the end.

Our deliverables will meet your expectations, whether you are a one-guy start-up company or a large multinational. We believe in creating the right product for the right customer.  Hands-on, realistic and flexible. We dare to dream with two feet on the ground.

partner network
A world-wide network of partners and suppliers is there to assist when needed. We can quickly scale up capacity and find additional knowledge, skills, or facilities. Working with known sources keeps the risks low.

Products are designed using Solidworks Premium, the most extensive version of the No. 1 software for Computer Aided Design (CAD). SolidWorks 3D CAD enables us to quickly transform new ideas into great products. We can create photo-realistic renderings, and use simulations to subject your designs to the same conditions that they’ll experience in the real world. We can raise the quality of products while we reduce the costs for prototypes and testing.

Our studio is equipped with a 3D Printer. The 3D printer gives us the opportunity to create prototypes in a very early stage. Model verification can be done much earlier, more cost-effective and faster than ever before.

drop by in Amsterdam!
The studio is located in the inspiring environment of the NDSM Wharf, a former shipyard on the northern banks of the IJ. Close to the centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Be our guest and drop by for a tasty espresso or a latte macchiato!

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Maurits Homan industrial design engineering is a member of the Association of Dutch Designers.