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Maurits Homan industrial design | engineering is an independent studio for product design and product engineering. We work on a wide variety of challenging projects, such as new sports products, innovative child and baby products, user-centered consumer products and cutting-edge medical products. When it gets complicated and tough, we get going. We are eager to find simple solutions for complex questions. Apart from sketching, shaping and designing in metals and plastics, we are not afraid of wheels, hinges, mechanisms, electronics, FEA’s and calculations.
If you feel challenged by this description, read on!


We currently don’t have any job openings. However, there are opportunities to work with us as a freelancer..


Every now and then there is place for an intern. Do you study Industrial Design Engineering or Industrial Product Design? Do you feel that the description above is of interest? And do you have good drawing and 3D CAD skills? Then please send an email with your motivation to

freelance designers

Sometimes we need more manpower to keep all projects on speed. In those cases we work with freelance designers. Are you a freelancer and interested in working with us? Then please send an email to