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how we do it
It’s up to you to decide which design services you would like to us to perform. We are capable of taking a project from an idea to a prototype and finally to a mass-production-ready design. We can also just work out the idea, create a functional prototype and let you have the product engineered for production elsewhere. Or cost-reduce a product with mass-production techniques. It’s up to you..!

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Analyze the problem and formulate questions to create a dialog. Find directions for solutions. It’s about the context, the strategy, the customer and the end-user. About finding the root problem. What is the problem that we need to solve with the product? What is the context and the strategy? What is the business case? What are the market trends? The analysis can be brief for a hands-on, high speed project. Or it can be extensive when a revolutionary new product concept needs to be developed. 
Find the solutions to tackle the design problem. The design problem is clear and known, constraints are set. Find creative ideas to solve the case. Work with brainstorming techniques.
Visualize ideas for the product to be designed. Starting with rough directions, the sketches restrain the design.
Compose the integrated solution, based on ideas, sketches and specifications. Create models to prove the concept, when needed
Define and sharpen the aesthetics of the product. Form and function are integrated. Genuine “Dutch Design”.
Define the product in 3D state-of-the-art modeling software (Solidworks). Renderings can be created for realistic views and for judging the design in an early stage.
Develop the concept and create a viable product, suitable for serial or mass production techniques.
Calculate strength, costs, mechanics, stability. Use simulation techniques to find out if we are walking a thin red line, or have a safe margin for the product.
Predict material and construction behavior under a mechanical load using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). We have experience in deriving a FEA model from a CAD model, performing the calculations and interpreting the results.
Create prototypes to test mechanical behavior, judge aesthetics, judge the “look-and-feel”. The prototypes can be used to check the sturdiness of a stroller, judge the aesthetics of an electronic mobile device or to use the model in a competitor line-up. Prototyping is done through-out the process, to proof small mechanics or challenging design areas. A final prototype is usually made just before releasing files for tooling. It is the last reality check, to make sure the product is as expected before starting up tooling or programming CNC machines. Depending on what we need to check with the prototype, the proto can be made externally by a 3th party, or made in-house. We have our own 3D-printer..!
Create technical drawings to define the geometry of the product, accompanied by 3D-files. Drawings supplied can include tolerances, cosmetic requirements, fitting requirements and marked-up critical dimensions as required. 
After releasing the final files and drawings, the innovation process continues. We can support during the trial shots and pilot production. We can even help to optimize production. Our experience ranges from low-volume to mass-production, including CNC machining and injection molding of plastics, metals and composites. 
Manage the design project so that all goals are achieved in time and within the budget. Guarantee the quality level of the deliverables.