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Furler for IOR sailing yachts

A revolutionary new motorized furler designed for big size IOR class sailing yachts, has been prototyped and is being tested under the worst conditions possible: 24/7 continuous spray of salt water, direct sun light and extremely heavy loads. More..

Furler 05


Maple Skate introduces Skate On Place on ISPO Munich

Maple introduces the Maple Skate On Place, a revolutionary new training device for ice skaters. Developed for speed skaters by speed skaters.

The custom developed glide mechanism perfectly simulates gliding on ice. Skaters can work on condition as well as balance and technique. Suitable for speed skaters, inline skaters, shorttrack skaters, ice-hockeyers, and more..

Other than conventional slide boards, the Skate On Place rewards a good technique; it stimulates the skater to find his/her balance while standing on one leg only. It trains the important so-called “glide phase”.

A prototype was shown on the ISPO, the leading international sports business fair in Munich. It attracted a lot of attention and enthusiasm from both skaters, dealers and other sports enthusiasts. Available soon!

The Skate On Place is designed, engineered and prototyped by Maurits Homan industrial design | engineering for Maple Skate. The originator of the idea is Paul Groot.

More information:

Product page:

Maple Skate On Place

DSC_4103 (Medium)

DSC_2171 (Large)

DSC_2193 (Large)

The Maple Skating Machine: Maple Skateonplace


It’s definitely about time for a nice espresso.. More updates soon.. !


Nuna Leaf wins Baby Innovation Award!

The Nuna LEAF just won the Baby Innovation Award on the 9-Months-Fair Amsterdam in the category Furniture & Decoration!

Nuna heeft zojuist met de LEAF de Baby Innovation Award gewon... on Twitpic

Originally tweeted in Dutch by nuna_nl: Nuna heeft zojuist met de LEAF de Baby Innovation Award gewonnen in de categorie Furniture & Decoration.

Nuna has just the LEAF with the Baby Innovation Award in the category Furniture & Decoration


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